Friday, September 15, 2006

Batik Malaysia

The term “Batik” is an Malay word. Batik has come to be used as a generic term which refers to the process of dyeing fabric by making use of a resist technique; covering areas of cloth with a dye-resistant substance to prevent them absorbing colors. The technique is thought to be over a thousand years old and historical evidence demonstrates that cloth decorated with this resist technique was in use in the early centuries AD in Africa, the Middle East and in several places in Asia. Although there is no sure explanation as to where batik first was “invented”, many observers believe that it was brought to Asia by travelers from the Indian subcontinent.

Despite the fact that batik may have originated elsewhere, most observers believe that batik has reached its highest artistic expression in Indonesia, particularly in Java. The art of Batik was later spread to the rest of the Indonesian archipelago and to the Peninsula Malaysia where the popularity of the cloth led to the establishment of many other production centers. Batik has become a very central means of artistic expression for many of the areas of Asia and a deeply integrated facet of Asian culture.

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Batik Art Village (Atma Alam)

Atma Alam, Langkawi's original Art Village in Padang Mat Sirat was made possible by a young couple set out to realize a long-time dream. Aza Osman, an oil painter and Roshadah Yusof, a batik artist, have created a wonderful heaven of art and culture, showcasing the creative energy of a generation.

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